"from handicraft to art"


Author Václav Balcar Vinš does a lot of art activities:

- paintings

- decoration of interior

- sculptures - moulding, casting, making models, carving

- working with different materials - plaster, paper, thermoplastic, foam, polystyrene....

- surfuce working - shellac varnish, gilding, imitation of bronze, imitation of marble, waxen patina....


There are a lot of paintings and sculptures for sale.

There is a guarantee quality of paintings because of using technique of old masters.

Now author uses Dutch oil colours.

He specialises especially in oil landscapes and figures creation.


From 2005 to 2011 he worked as a painter and a decorator in ateliers of the National theatre.

He studied as a wood carver. After school he continued to restore an antique furniture and a historical interior.

Apart from these extensive activities he writes poems and thoughts. In 2015 his first book of poems was published.

He has performed in some cafés and tea rooms. Now he is planning his next exhibition in October in Gallery PRE.

He likes classical art and very precise work.

He was born in Prague. And Prague is the city where he lives.


If you like this work or you want to buy some of these arts please contact us via mail:

v.balcar@post.cz or romana.vonkova@post.cz

or mobile phones:

+420724929502 (+420728338895)